Small Steps Big Change

Our conference was hailed a spectacular success where we were able to attract an international audience of over 150 people. A diverse group of attendees came together to learn and understand the necessity of reducing animal derived product consumption and wasted food to mitigate catastrophic climate change. Mr Kuldip Singh Ubhi president of the Namdhari Sikh community in United Kingdom started the conference, speaking about the evolution of vegetarian and vegan food with a special focus on agricultural water consumption. Marly Winkler- Chair of the International Vegetarian Union, successfully highlighted the dire need to review our diets from an environmental perspective. She gave an unfiltered insight into the current condition of livestock farming and global deforestation, a powerful presentation which educated many who were unaware of the connection between the effects of deforestation and animal derived products. Alex Bourke- owner of The Vegetarian Guides used his profound knowledge and latest publication to inspire everyone! His comprehensive presentation provided an accurate overview of veganism, which left a lasting effect on many.

Find a copy of the full conference on our YouTube Channel

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