Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji

Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji (1920-2012) was the spiritual head of the Namdhari Sikh community. The Namdhari Sikh community counts 100’s and 1000’s of adherents throughout the world. We will be sharing a short passage through which we aim to shed a light on Satguruji’s highly prolific life and legacies.

A true humanitarian champion, religious innovator and spiritual scholar. Satguru Ji’s timeless message of equality among all, regardless of class, gender or creed, shows us that Satguru Ji’s principles are more relevant today in the face of entrenched discrimination.

Satguru Ji’s holistic understanding of peace was relentless, fuelling a movement that strives to conquer communal hatred and division. The teachable devotees absorbed Satguru Ji’s sacred teachings and tenets of honest work, charity and reverence to god. Satguru Ji’s comfortable approach and portrayal of our holy scriptures, illuminated and evolved the scriptures significance. Satguru Ji’s colossal contributions to all spheres of life won the admiration of many beyond the Namdhari community.

An ardent desire for world peace stemmed from Satguru Ji’s intense concern for the destitute and deprived. Satguru Ji was the definition of altruistic, touched by their solicitude the Namdhari community, nay the world became infatuated. Satguru Ji was not only a staunch vegetarian but they actively propagated vegetarianism throughout the world and the results were bountiful. Satguru Ji’s legacies and teachings have moulded millions into the people they are today. Each generational cohort shares collective memories of Satguru Ji, when assembled the thorough image effortlessly projects a path for future generations to walk upon.

We aspire for Veg- n to become an organization that contributes towards Satguru Ji’s vision for world peace. We have not even managed to scratch the surface through this short text. So, we would like to encourage you to google “Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji” or have a read through

A Saga of Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji

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